First Street Tunnel/DC Water


The next phase of the Northeast Boundary Tunnel (of which the First Street Tunnel is part) is scheduled to begin in June 2016 at the Florida Avenue triangle (BP Station). 

View this DC Water Powerpoint Presentation (2016 06 Northeast Boundary Tunnel)for more information about construction, including rerouting of the G2 bus. 

First Street Tunnel 24-Hour Hotline
1-844-FST-INFO [1-844-378-4636]

For general questions about flooding in Bloomingdale or LeDroit Park, please call
(202) 787-2688 or email

The following are DC Water resources related to the DC Clean Rivers Project, the Northeast Boundary Trunk and the First Street Tunnel project.


Report of the Mayor's Task Force on Flood Prevention in Bloomingdale & LeDroit Park


The Northeast Boundary Neighborhood Protection Project (


The First Street Tunnel Project

Latest Updates/Breaking News

Community Updates




First Street Tunnel Forum

The First Street Tunnel Forum focuses on organizing the community around events associated with the First Street Tunnel project being conducted by DC Water.


Tunnel Forum Representatives and Alternates are assigned by block:

First Street NW: Dr. Marilyn Lashley, Tomas Encaracion (alternate)
Bryant/Channing Streets: Renee Peres, Philomena Fritz (alternate)
Flagler Place: Victoria Leonard, Pia Brown (alternate)
Adams Street: Shelly Parker, Dianne Barnes (alternate)
W Street: Joe Levesque, Neal Herman (alternate)
First and V Streets: Angela Ray, Theodore Bush & Derrick Jones (alternates)
U Street: Serita Sanders, Jean Marie Thomas (alternate)
Thomas Street/Rhode Island Avenue: Chris Von Ferro
Local Blogs: Scott Roberts, Betsy McDaniel (alternate)
Government-ANC: Austin Pearl, Teri Janine Quinn, Bertha Holliday, Laisha Dougherty
Civic Associations: Sherry Howard, John MacNeil