BCA Meeting Minutes – March 2017

Bloomingdale Civic Association

General Membership Meeting

Monday, March 20, 2017 7:00 PM

St. George’s Episcopal Church, 160 U Street NW




Executive Board in Attendance: Teri Janine Quinn, Horacio Sierra, Scott Roberts, Angela Prentice, Bertha Holliday, and Serita Sanders.


Meeting Commenced at 7:06 pm


  1. Representatives from Howard University provided details about their proposal to extract Carver Hall and Slowe Hall from its campus master plan so the buildings can transition from being used as student dormitories to private apartment buildings. Thus far, the developers who responded to the RFPs have proposed to renovate the interior of the buildings and not demolish or construct any new buildings. We asked them to return next month with more information about the number of planned units and how to manage the influx of new residents who will need on-street parking. There are currently about 300 beds between both halls. A motion was made and approved unanimously to defer a vote of support until next month.


  1. Sgt. Brown from PSA 501 provided a public safety update.


  1. Beautification Day is planned for April 22. The ANC 5E Commissioners (Horacio Sierra, Bertha Holliday, Katherine McClelland, and Dianne Barnes) who represent Bloomingdale plan to donate about $3,700 for the day. The plants can only be used in public spaces. Volunteers are needed.


  1. There are plans to have a special meeting in April for an information session on Special Zoning for Historic Preservation.


  1. Horacio discussed the Bloomingdale Scholarship Committee.


  1. Bertha discussed the House Tour Committee, which helps raise funds for the scholarships.


  1. BCA is looking for a Corresponding Secretary (ASAP) and Recording Secretary (by May).


  1. BCA is looking for individuals to be part of the Fundraising Committee.


  1. Bertha, our MAG Representative, provided an update on the McMillan project. The latest work has focused on the Zoning Commission’s hearing of the court’s vacating and remanding of the final order to the Zoning Commission and the Mayor’s office. Isidro Marasical and Jason Lee are new MAG Representatives.


  1. Molly Scott presented her proposal to receive support for a grant to have a mural painted on 77 U Street NW as an aesthetically pleasing public landmark for one of the four entrances to Crispus Attucks Park. She has received support from all her neighbors that have responded to her requests for support. A motion was made to support the request and it passed unanimously.


  1. A representative from Councilmember McDuffie’s office presented an update.


  1. A representative from Mayor Bowser’s office presented an update.


  1. Horacio discussed an ANC grant application to install a Little Free Library in front of the Parker Flats Condos.


  1. Bertha asked for the BCA to take an official position on the Zoning Commission’s upcoming hearing on the McMillan Project including revised community benefits, “segregated” housing, and planning a traffic study for the impact on the areas south of the development. Teri suggested the BCA tell the ANC that we renew our concerns for the amenities package and the need for a traffic study and not expand our concern to the newer issues such as “segregated” housing. A motion was made by Angela pursuant to Teri’s suggestion and passed 11-0.


Meeting adjourned at 8:48 p.m.


Minutes recorded by Horacio Sierra