BCA Meeting Minutes — October 2017


Monday, 10/16/2017

Bloomingdale Civic Association meeting

St. George’s Episcopal Church, 160 U Street NW


BCA board members in attendance: Teri Janine Quinn, Sherry Howard, Bertha Holliday, Serita Sanders, Scott Roberts


Teri Janine Quinn opened tonight’s meeting at 7:03 pm.


A neighbor reported a dumpster behind his house whose public space permit has expired.  Another neighbor reports that a developer has been dumping construction debris alongside a full construction dumpster.


Bloomingdale Fun and Fit Committee


Ms. Quinn reported that the most recent Bloomingdale Fun Fit event with the Big Daddy Running Club was successful.


Jackie Beckwith of the Bloomingdale Fun & Fit Committee announced a Halloween-themed event where neighbors will meet at the Bloomingdale Civic Association “bulletin board” area between Bloomingdale Wine & Spirits and Aroi Thai.  There will be a BFF table with some Halloween treats.  Two costume contests – one for kids and one for dogs.  There will be map available where streets with candy.  There will be a photo booth.


Vote: Motion that the BFF can have up to $75 for costume contest gift items.  Motion passes.


Bloomingdale 2017 House Tour and Reception


Ms. Howard provided an update on the 2017 Bloomingdale House Tour & Reception. There will be nine houses on the tour.  There will be a total of six workshops, including two landscaping workshops.  The Bloomingdale Village Square will have a workshop as well.


The event runs from 1pm to 5pm. The reception will be held at the Old Engine 12.  The House Tour Committee will have a table at this Sunday’s Bloomingdale Farmers Market, where tickets can be purchased.


Bloomingdale Historic Preservation


Regarding the BCA historic district designation survey — Ms. Quinn reported that three non-local vendors have been contacted to perform the survey.  The three vendors are located in Indiana, Nebraska and Connecticut.  A list of Bloomingdale property owners can be obtained from the DC Office of Tax and Revenue.  Dual postcards can be used to save postage costs.  The postcards would be mailed to owners of record.


The selected vendor would do the design, the mailing, receive the responses and report on the results.  A quality control check would be included.  The estimates from the three vendors will hopefully be available this week.


A 30-day turnaround would be satisfactory.  Once the surveys are mailed out, Mr. Roberts will post the image of the postcard so that neighbors will know what to look for.


The BCA will vote on the survey vendor at the November 2017 BCA meeting.



Ward 5 CM McDuffie


Cyril Crocker of CM McDuffie’s office distributed a flier of the upcoming community meetings and a flier for the Ward 5 Senior Bingo event.  He mentioned the CM’s series of bills to make DC government contracting opportunities accessible to more small and local businesses.


ANC5E SMD Commissioners


ANC5E09 Commissioner Barnes provided a brief McMillan update:  there will be a MAG meeting on the 2nd Thursday in November.  She announced the 5D CAC awards banquet on 10/27/2017.   Commissioner Barnes solicited the BCA to purchase an advertisement in the 5D CAC banquet program.


ANC5E07 Commissioner Holliday advised that neighbors pay attention to the DC Water Northeast Boundary Tunnel project, which impacts the 100 block of Rhode Island Avenue NW.  She also provided more info on the 10/28/2017 Bloomingdale House Tour.  Old Engine 12 is kind to provide a significant in-kind contribution.  She mentioned the InTowner article and an upcoming article in the Washington Blade.  A local band will be performing at the reception.  She reminded that the House Tour is the main source of funds for the BCA scholarships.




Ms. Quinn advised about the October 31st Oversight Roundtable on the condition of DC’s roadways.


Ms. Quinn advised about the ANC5E08 SMD meeting on Wednesday, 10/18/2017


Ms. Quinn mentioned that some neighbors have commented on squirrel infestation.


The meeting ended at 08:16 pm.


Motion summary


Motion # Motion Results of motion
1 The Bloomingdale Fun & Fit Committee can spend up to $75 for costume contest gift items. Motion passed.