BCA Meeting Minutes – September 2017

Monday, 09/18/2017

Bloomingdale Civic Association meeting

St. George’s Episcopal Church, 160 U Street NW


BCA board members present: Teri Janine Quinn, Sherry Howard, Angela Prentice, Bertha Holliday, Scott Roberts


Ward 5 CM McDuffie


Ward 5 Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie spoke about a number of upcoming bills, including a bill for eight statues honoring native Washingtonians.


There were questions about the Dunbar High School hours of operation.  The pool does not always open on time and sometimes the public has access to only a small number of swim lanes.  It was noted that the temperature of the pool is not uniform.


Ms. Quinn solicited CM McDuffie for an advertisement message for the 2017 Bloomingdale House Tour program.


A resident asked about 4 R Street NW, which is commercially zoned and will be developed into five residential units.


Ms. Prentice raised concerns about the now-vacant DC Water rowhouse on the southwest corner of 1st & V Street NW – and the empty rowhouse on the northeast corner 1st & V St NW.  She also mentioned that claims that have been filed for damage from the DC Water 1st Street Tunnel project has been denied.


MPD Fifth District


Two new PSA 501 officers participated in tonight’s meeting.  Officer Hahn and Officer Harris introduced themselves.  They provided general crime statistics for PSA 501 and answered questions.


Monica Veney, Community Outreach Specialist, of the US Attorney’s Office provided info on USAO youth programs.  She briefly spoke about community impact statements and the 5D Court Reports.


Howard University


Maybelle Taylor Bennett, Director of the Howard University Community Association, provided info about the upcoming HU Homecoming.  The HU parade is returning and the parade route includes 4th & 5th St NW in LeDroit Park.


Regarding the construction at Slowe and Carver Halls, don’t contact HU – contact instead Brook Katzeh, VP of UIP Asset Management, Inc.


Here is the point of contact for Bloomingdale residents (provided by Ms. Bennett):


Brook Katzen, VP of Development

UIP Asset Management Inc.

(202)-684-7830 direct

(202)-492-3072 cell


BCA Financial Report


Ms. Howard provided the BCA financial report.  The account balance at the end of August was $16,499.49.  She reminded that the BCA House Tour provides the majority of the funding for the BCA scholarships.  She advised that early bird discount tickets are available.


Ms. Quinn advised that the BCA committed to $100 for the recent U Street NW block party.  The check has not yet been written.


DC Department of Health / Rodent Control


Mr. Brown of DC DOH advised that there are more complaints for rats this year than in prior year.  Residents should push trash in their trash containers and put the lids on.  He said that he understands that DPW will replace lids and wheels on existing trash cans (use 311).  DC has nine pest control people and five pest enforcement agents. You can Email Gerard.Brown@dc.gov to obtain a copy of the petition form for DOH to address an entire block.  The petition is also available on the DOH website.


A neighbor asked about signage and enforcement regarding pet feces.  Mr. Rogers is gathering blocks that are requesting signage encouraging dog walkers to pick their dog’s feces.


Historic Preservation


Ms. Quinn reported that the Bloomingdale community survey would omit special zoning.  She noted that the DC Preservation League has filed a nomination to make Bloomingdale a Historic District.  She read aloud draft text of the survey.  She indicated that the next step is to identify someone to manage the process of identifying owners of records, disseminating the survey, etc.  She said that the BCA should vote on whomever is recruited to manage the BCA survey project, at least because it may cost a lot of money. A neighbor asked if the Historic District nomination can proceed without the input of the BCA.  Ms. Quinn clarified that it can.


Hakeem Rogers, DC MOCRs for Ward 5


Mr. Rogers said that doorknockers would be distributed to the residents on the 100 block of W St NW regarding trashcans that are left out after collection date.  He reported that DC is the first LEED city in the world.  You can report dog waste at this link doee.dc.gov/petwaste or via 311.


Bloomingdale Fun and Fit Committee


Jacquelyn Duclos of the BFF Committee provided an overview of recent committee activities.  The BFF Committee is partnering with Big Daddy Running Club for a run this Sunday morning.


Bloomingdale 2017 House Tour and Reception

Dr. Holliday reported that this year’s house tour will be on Saturday, 10/28/2017.  Eight houses are lined up for the tour at this time.  She mentioned the early bird discount tickets.


ANC5E SMD Commissioners


Commissioner McClelland reported that a small group of residents is working with the Big Bear Café owners regarding the café’s expansion plans.


Commissioner Barnes reported the Zoning Commission approved the McMillan plan.  Kirby Vining commented that the zoning order has not been issued by the Zoning Commission and the Court Order remains in effect.


Zoning relief issues


Jeffrey Chin, owner of 22 Bryant Street NW, is seeking a three-unit conversion exception.  All other work will be by-right.  Letters of support from neighbors on either side and other neighbors have been received.  The DC Office of Planning staff report provided support.  There was a motion to support. The motion passed 6 to 0.


Motion: Support the zoning relief for a 3-unit conversion at 22 Bryant St NW.  Motion passed.


Asmara Sium of 1822 North Capitol Street NW – Creative Grounds – is seeking zoning relief (Special Exception).  The categories for zoning relief were not stated.  There was a motion to support.  Motion passed 9 to 0.


Motion: Support the zoning relief for 1822 North Capitol Street NW retail space.  The motion passed.


American Theater historic landmark nomination (the current Sylvan Theater)


Dr. Holliday advised that the DC Preservation League has filed a nomination to have the theater designated a historic landmark. There was a motion to support. Motion to support passed 7 to 0.


Motion: Support the historic landmark nomination for the American Theater – now the Sylvan Theater – on the 100 block of Rhode Island Avenue NW – filed by the DC Preservation League. The motion passed. Meeting ended at 09:09 pm.


Motion summary


Motion # Motion Results of motion
1 Support the zoning relief for a three-unit conversion at 22 Bryant Street NW Motion passed.
2 Support the zoning relief for the retail space at 1822 North Capitol Street NW. Motion passed.
3 Support the American Theater historic landmark nomination filed by the DC Preservation League. Motion passed.